A Cinderella Story

As a young girl, I would spend hours playing dress up and daydreaming of imaginary worlds where I was a fairytale princess, mermaid, or quite often, a super hero.  The spell was broken only when my mother would call me downstairs for dinner or poke her head into my room and ask, “Tanarah, have you finished your homework yet?” While this was merely child’s play at the time, I now realize that it was a grand dress rehearsal for what I do as a designer today.  I dream up a concept or take a client’s vision and create a narrative for it, developing an imaginary world along the way for it to take root in and grow. A styled shoot is another manifestation of that.


Often, I hear people say that styled shoots portray a look that “cannot be achieved” or isn’t “realistic.” But that’s the point of a styled shoot—it’s the adult version of what we did as children, an opportunity to dream big. As an artist and designer, it’s my job to translate that fantasy into reality and I accomplish this by creating a look that is what I like to refer to as “approachable chic.”  This aesthetic is luxe without being pretentious and is above all, timeless because it’s an extension of the client and tells their unique story.


These days, it’s about me granting wishes rather than making them and I cast myself as the fairy godmother rather than the princess. I honor each client’s bottom line and understand that money plays a pivotal role in planning a wedding. But having a finite budget doesn’t limit the magic of your special day. Even Cinderella had a coach fashioned from a pumpkin, a sparkling gown from rags, and glass slippers cobbled from stardust. I may not carry a wand, but there’s plenty of magic up my sleeve. Now, get those plans started, princess! Don’t forget to dream big—a styled shoot is a great place to start.


Bippity, boppity, boo…


Tanarah (AKA) Your Fairy Godmother