Holiday Décor that Sparkles and Shines

The joy of decorating for the holidays is never lost upon me. My inner child leaps up, winds tinsel around her shoulders like a boa, and does a happy dance around the house. I find that my personal aesthetic straddles the classic, nostalgic Christmases of my youth and the playful, ever-changing trends of contemporary design. If the holidays have crept up on you and the prospect of decorating—much less embarking on that glorified scavenger hunt commonly referred to as “holiday shopping”—has made you break out into a cold, panic-induced sweat…don’t fret! I’m here to help.

First, I encourage you to view holiday décor much like you do your closet: Keep some classically beautiful pieces at the heart of your design and use the latest trends to accessorize them, recycling existing décor in new and creative ways. Holiday décor, like your wardrobe, is intended to enhance what is already there and in a way, serve as an extension of who you are. Allow decorations to tell a story unique to your aesthetic and choose pieces that will endure, reworking them into your design year after year, no matter which trends emerge.

For the past five years, holiday décor has focused on using foraged, found, and fresh elements—like pinecones, branches, and magnolia leaves—to make faux trees and other elements appear more natural. Ultimately, this created a lovely organic, neutral aesthetic. I still love this look but believe that it can continue to evolve by layering new elements with it to create a natural look with a ‘touch’ of sparkle.

Ribbon is the easiest and most cost-effective way to update a look: Easily change entire color schemes and give new life to wreathes, trees, and other design elements—even use it in lieu of napkin rings in tablescapes! One of my favorite things this season is mixing classic tartan flannel with high impact, sparkly ribbon to reinterpret a classic look with a contemporary “wow” factor. Carry the shiny, luxe theme through and use sequins with tartan. Think Ralph Lauren with a twist!

For the truly fearless design elf, use mid-century modern for your inspiration to create a clean, dimensional, fresh look. Visit us at the TLF workshop and we can help you find everything you’ll need!