A Very Happy (Un)Valentine’s Day

I’ve found that the very mention of Valentine’s Day elicits dramatic eye rolls and
groans…it’s viewed by many as 1) a holiday manufactured by Hallmark or 2) a day
that requires both parties in a relationship to display outward acts of affection that
should, in theory, be demonstrated spontaneously on the other 364 days out of the
year. Look, I’m a hopeless romantic but even I have to agree…
Rather than write Valentine’s Day off altogether, however, I propose this: Let’s take
Valentine’s Day back! Let’s make it all our own and reassign its significance. What if
we treated Valentine’s Day like birthdays? I think of birthdays as friendly reminders
to reflect on life and celebrate my existence…let’s use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to
pause and reflect on the people in our lives that we are lucky enough to love and
who love us in return. I’m not just talking about romantic love…I’m talking about
your mom, your sister, your best friend—even your pet! Use this holiday to dwell in
happiness and love and express it in a way that reflects who you are and the kind of
love you share with someone special.
For my couples: Maybe you’re a traditionalist and opt for red roses and dinner out
every year. But maybe this is the year to mix it up. Opt for an arrangement that’s soft
and foraged—something that drips with romance and the suggestion of a secluded
field of wild flowers. Yes, y’all, flowers can do that. Flowers tell a story. Don’t
underestimate the power of a beautiful arrangement—they are conduits for
sentiment and imagery. As for that tired old heart-shaped box of Russell Stover
chocolates (I’m not hating, I’m just saying), let’s give them a rest. It’s a shameless
plug but seriously, we have some artisan chocolates by Kate Weiser that will blow
your mind (and bae’s). They are little works of art and so beautiful it’s almost hard
to eat them—almost. Oh, and one more thing…ditch the reservations. Crank up your
favorite music at home and cook the meal that you had for your first date together.
Or maybe you opt to celebrate over the weekend and go hiking with a picnic in tow.
As I’ve said before, whatever you do, make it yours.
For all of the other lovers out there: Celebrate this day to the fullest. Let me
reiterate, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples and it doesn’t celebrate one kind of
love. Make this holiday special in your own way and remember: Fresh flowers done
the right way are never the wrong prelude to saying, “I love you.”